What is a flashmob in medical research?

Flashmob research is a novel type of research that allows the investigation of important questions on a large scale in a short period of time. Multiple hospitals, with the help of the professional and social networks of their medical staff, can obtain sufficient data in a short time course.

Who is behind this project?

We are a group of acute and emergency physicians from the Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, Ireland, Singapore and the UK, the safer@home research consortium.

What was the aim of the last flashmob?

We wanted to hear from you, our patients, what is important at this particular moment of your patient journey when you have just been admitted acutely.

Did patients have to take part?

Participation was limited to patients in participating centers and was voluntary. The decision to participate (or not) had no influence on the treatment at all.

Did you share personal data?

No. Definitely not. The database that was collected does contain no data that can identify an individual.