The team

We are a group of acute and emergency physicians from the Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, Ireland and the UK, the safer@home research consortium.

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GPS @ acute

Giving Patients a Say for Directions of Acute Care

Our flashmob which took place on 14th-16th November 2018. Listening to what is important for you when you are in hospital.

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A flashmob in hospital?

Flashmob research is a novel type of research that allows the investigation of important questions on a large scale in a short period of time. It is developed  out of the concept of flash mobs: “a sudden and planned gathering of ..."

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We want to know what matters to you

Current  medical practice focuses strongly on the  diagnosis and treatment of the medical condition. Much of the conversations in these settings are about the patient and not actually with them.

This medical focus often does not take into account the patient’s needs, values and preferences. It also provides little opportunity for patients and their loved ones to actively participate in designing a treatment plan with outcomes that are most relevant for them.

We want to find out more what matters most to patients in the first 24 hours after their acute admission to hospital.

Hospitals in seven different countries conducted a brief survey of acute medical patients over a 50 hour period. Patients were asked a small number of questions with regards to their expectations for this specific admission.



Thank you!

Thank you so much to all who supported this project, patients and staff alike. The study has been published.