During the flashmob:

Data will be simultaneously collected in all participating hospitals starting the 14th of November at 10AM until the 16th of November at 10AM. The data collection will be conducted among acutely admitted adult medical patients (18 years and older)  within 24 hours of admission. Each participating hospital will request all patients who have been admitted with an acute medical condition during the 48 hours period of the flashmob. They will be visited at the in hospital by a member of the treating team or the local research team to explain  the study and ask for consent. After the patient provides permission for participation, a small number of questions will be asked. A researcher appointed by the principle investigator of the site will ask these questions and will enter them into a database. Patients can be assured that their decision to participate (or not) will have no influence on their treatment. The database will contain no data that can identify the patient as an individual.